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Direct employers and recruitment agencies can choose from a range of services, including: job advertising with full applicant management, CV search, a platform for specifically hiring temporary staff, branding, display advertising and email services.

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Welcome to the Jobsbank Career Guidance Centre

We’ve created career resources, tips and advice to support you through every stage of your career.


Interviews can be a very daunting experience, but don’t panic! Jobsbank has provided you with some job interview tips to help you perform at your best.


A one, three or six month probationary period is completely normal in many types of job. Following a successful interview process and induction, your probation period is in place to ensure that you’re the right fit for the vacancy, and that you can see yourself staying with the company in the long term. So, how can you make sure you’ll pass your probationary period and get offered that permanent contract?



Graduate training schemes offer you a great opportunity to enter the world of work straight out of university. The formal training will tend to combine “on the job” learning with related training courses. It’s a fantastic way to transfer from the lecture hall on to your career ladder with tailored support and a specific development programme.



If you have little or no knowledge of the recruitment industry, it’s hard to understand that sometimes hiring new staff can be about more than just the vacancy and the right candidate. Timing throughout the year can play a key part in recruiters’ hiring sprees and decision making.



Once you’ve decided to look for something new, you may wonder how to maximise the effectiveness of your UK job search. Our tips explain how to manage, and get the most from, your online job hunt.



There’s a lot of things to consider and prepare for your job interview. Aside from knowing what to wear, you should plan model answers to potentially slippery questions. As well as looking at the company’s website, there are two other key resources that you should know inside-out: your CV and the job spec.


From Our Blog

In today’s competitive society it is important to stay ahead of the rest and possess the skills and abilities that make you desirable to employers. Employers have said that many school leavers do not possess the necessary practical skills required for the marketplace and prefer to hire immigrants rather than take on apprentices. Whilst academic achievement is great to have, vocational education is also very important. People need to be adequately prepared for life after education. With growing markets in India, China and South America things are set to become much more interesting in the future.


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